Memorial Day weekend on the farm, May 2007

(Narrated by Eric Henry Sanford, back by popular demand)

Grandpa and me. I'm planting the plants with Grandpa. I'm watering the plants and I'm planting. Um. I was planting watermelons too.

Um. I'm cleaning up the table. Outside. Because Grandma asked me to.

About this picture ... I'm, um, uh, riding the lawnmower with Grandpa. I was just riding it. Ok. I had to steer it. I'm all done with that picture.

That was the day we were going home. I'm helping Grandpa fix the window. I don't know what it's called. Needlenose? What is a nose plier?

Where were we? Was that the lake? Is the water part the lake? I don't remember.

Why was it all blue in that picture? The lake. And me. Yeah. The lake is, um, I don't know any pictures about the lake.

Oh that one - that's the lake. Where's the upper meadow? It has me in it.

Um. I can't tell you what it is. That was really big. Well, the dragonfly is big.

Feather. In my hand. It was a dark blue bird feather. I don't know where I found it. Can I have a blue? I might want another blue.

There's a toad. That's a toad. You know that that was a toad?

one lizard. Daddy found that lizard. There's frogs in that newt. Orange. But is it a kind of frog? I thought it was a kind of frog.

Kaylee going down the slide. In her swimming suit.

Um. I was trying to stand up when I was going down the slide and I slipped. The water squirted out.

Kaylee's walking in the driveway. It was new. Yup it was exciting.

Why is the swimming suit dry now? Sammy. Sammy. Yup. Happy. I was about to say sad and I said happy. Thank you for coming to the farm Sammy.

Where were we in that picture? What is a high ledge? How many miles can you see? Several miles?

Kaylee, you're climbing up!

Um. Me sitting with Mama and Mama in the picture. On the big rock.

It's a parade. Me and mommy. I had a good time at the parade. There was even kids going by. Yeah there was. There was kids going by. Kids and grownups. It was a little parade.

Oh what is that? There's a broken window right there. What is a caboose? It's something that's at the end of a freight train. Me. I ride in it. Me! Me! Me Me Me!

Me and Kaylee and Grandma. In the caboose I think? And I'm in a trolley ... remember? I'm in the trolley!

Sammy, Grandpa, and ... who is that? So just Sammy and Grandpa is riding the pumpcar. So, I have a train movie that has a pump car. And it has green things on it

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