A weekend on the farm, May 2007

(Narrated by Eric Henry Sanford)

Hmmm... hmmmm.... hmmm ... Um, uh, just the farm. We went to the farm. Yeah. Umm. We went to places. Lots of places. We played. Lots of people played with us. Why did we not see Zaida? I think I saw Sammy [editor's note: he did not, in fact, see Sammy this weekend] When are we going to get to the pictures? ....

Kaylee slides.

Kaylee and Eric on the train. I was up there. I was planning to get up on there. I just climbed up there. Kaylee just sitted down.

Kaylee and Eric on the big bridge and on the farm. I was holding Kaylee. She was doing a funny thing.

Daddy Eric Kaylee Bridge. Bridge Daddy Kaylee Eric. I said it backwards. E R I C. C R I E. Kaylee was standing up. She was standing up in the picture. Um, me and daddy were helping her.

heh heh heh. I was smelling the flowers. heh he heh.

That's when we were riding the trolley. The trolley moves. It goes to the other side. And then it goes to, um, the other way. We like the trolley. I like that it moves. That's it.

I was in the caboose. It's a old caboose. It's for the train. I ride in it. I look for the trolley.

Umm...mmm. Nothing. Nothing to say.

I'm swinging the bat at the farm. Tee ball. Yeah, I'm good at tee ball. I hit the ball. I missed sometimes. Grandpa played with me. Grandpa was good. Grandma too. Dadda too. The End.

Horsey. The end. Once upon a time. The end. We were in the upper meadow, going up to the upper meadow. We wanted to go on the upper meadow. No reason.

We saw a nest. Birds live in nests. A bird made that nest ... I think. It made it out of sticks. It did a good job. The end.

It's name is Eric in the Well. I would not go in a well by myself. You need a grownup. If you go in a well without a grownup you will sometimes get hurt.

We were in the woods. Uh. We saw a snake. We were not scared. The snake was not scared of us. We looked at it for a long time. We didnt make any noises. It was just fun.

Last Updated: May 14, 2007
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