Florida - February 2004

I took a wicked nice trip to Florida with Mommy and Daddy this February. I met my great-grandparents who were super nice. The weather was great ... we went for walks outside all the time. I rode an airplane for the first time and I think I was reasonably calm through that experience. Now we're back home and I miss Florida already....

Sanfords & Fellmans

Me, Mommy, Pearl & Sol

Sitting on the cannon at Fort DeSoto

Behind bars with Daddy at Fort Desoto

With Mommy and Daddy in the gazebo.

Watching the ducks at Wood Ibis Park

We visited Steve and Gail who lent us a wonderful stroller.

Lunch with Carolyn in downtown St. Pete

Bouncing with Carolyn after one of our daily walks to her house.

At the beach with mommy

Munching my new rattle (courtesy of Gail and Steve)

giggles on the picnic table at the beach

Enjoying tummy-time on Pearl's floor

Sitting with Great-grandpa Sol

Sitting with Great-grandma Pearl

My Fellman great-grandparents.

Drinking Mommy's condensation

A nice relaxing week all-in-all.

Last Updated: February 9, 2004
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